The Recluse, 2023

Interactive Installation, Performance

In various collective situations in life, like singing birthday songs or applauding in different settings, I often feel passive and uneasy as an individual. My response to this is to participate, but without actually fully engaging. For instance, when applauding, I join in but don't make any sound. This discomfort is not an isolated experience, yet it tends to go unnoticed.

The project consists of a performance video and an interactive installation. In the performance, I simulate the inner conflict of an individual facing collective applause in different situations, such as in a theater, during a plane landing, or during a speech. The background of the video shows enthusiastic collective applause, while the individual protagonist resists internally. Driven by others, they mimic the action of applauding, yet produce no sound.

The installation features motor driven small hands continuously applauding, but again there's no sound only the action.

The project is titled "The Recluse." Through this silent participation, they play a hidden role in the crowd. I hope this project prompts people to reflect on the space and freedom individuals have in their behavior in public places, as well as the relationship between personal identity and societal expectations.