Daily Memories, 2020

Wall Poster+ AR Design,  With Luli

When people think of the Berlin Wall, various serious and contemporary words like "politics", "separation" or "guard" come up first. But what happened every day in the garden next to the Wall? What was the state of life of the people living there?

 Wall Poster, 545*1790mm

Our poster consists of three main parts, namely the title, the voices from the media and memories of those who lived through the GDR period.

With our project, we want to awaken people's memories of the real people in the GDR period, instead of treating it only as a special time in the history books.

To express "forgotten memories", we used a white graphic surface to block our main title and media information. The white surface was designed by the Berlin Wall itself.

Due to the special location, this garden is like a silent witness in the GDR era. In this small residential area, the lives of residents are even more closely connected with the Wall. You can say that the stories in their lives is the history itself.

In this project, we have selected some objects from the daily life of the residents from the area. From the stories of these objects, we try to recreate these old times with warmth. Although the Berlin Wall no longer exists, these objects are still carriers of full memory and emotions.

They documented the time and also tell the story. We also built an AR space to express our feelings and emotions about the subject. The AR contents pay more attention to the atmosphere of memory than specific object contents. The elements in our AR room are all from the wall newspaper.